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USD 42.00

Adhesive Eyeliner - Easy to apply and reusable - 2 pairs  


The Adhesive Eyeliners were designed respecting the eye anatomy and providing comfort and sensuality, they have great grip and durability.

Apply on clean and dry skin, preferably before make up. Starting from as a base with the outer corner of the eye, close one eye and apply the adhesive on the eyelids near the eyelashes by pressing gently to ensure  good fixing.

Tip: Use glue for false eyelashes at the edges of the product if it loses adhesion due to successive attempts of application, use the outside corner as a reference and then apply the remaining particles, if by any chance it will be lacking in the inside corner, complete with common eyeliner.

REUSABLE PRODUCT WITH GLUE FOR EYELASHES- Contains 2 pairs in the pack. black and gold

code of product: REUTILIZAVEL
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